how to get rid of ground moles with dawn soap

How To Get Rid Of Ground Moles With Dawn Soap

Ever thought of how to get rid of ground moles with dawn soap? It is something that many people are considering as an effective yet easy approach. Moles are amazing creatures. First of all, they are not rodents. They probably battle this stereotype every day of their lives, they belong to the same family as hedgehogs and shrews. Mother nature designed them well to be living excavators. This creature creates complex tunnels that just blow our minds away. Sometimes we are amused by their designs, at other times we are just annoyed they overdid their creativity on our gardens.

There is an eco-friendly way to deal with this though. Dawn soap turns out to be the reliable diamond in the rough that you were searching for. True, moles do fear water, but we won’t be threatening a shower. Its amazing dawn soap properties make it a reliable method to go to war against the destructive nature of moles. This household staple has proven its way among the ranks of remedies that can control pesky moles. Grab a bottle of Dawn as we walk you through the steps of how to get rid of ground moles with Dawn soap.

How To Get Rid Of Ground Moles With Dawn Soap – The Method

It is hard to fathom what happens behind the curtains for ordinary dawn soap to be lethal to moles. After all, we know it as a non-toxic, biodegradable soap that is not harmful to our skin. This is what makes it an environmentally friendly solution, having no toxic chemicals that may harm the environment and wildlife. It is a completely safe approach to controlling the nuisance in your garden.

The foam generated by dawn soap is thick enough to suffocate moles. That’s the big secret, by creating a barrier that prevents air from passing through, the oxygen supply will be cut from the mole. Moles like any other creature require oxygen to live. It is fascinating that the tunnels they create are just like vents that channel fresh air into their underground layers.

It is a cost-effective means of getting rid of moles. Dawn soap and the materials you will mix it with are all readily available things. Regardless of your experience, its simplicity will just astound you. Using Dawn to gt rid of moles is an efficient method that overcomes the challenges posed by traditional methods making it a suitable alternative.


It is always important to first make sure you are prepared before doing anything. This will involve you first locating the mole tunnels in your area. Confirming that the mole-made volcanoes indeed exist, and how scattered they are will help you choose how to exactly go about the process. Gathering the necessary tools like buckets, dawn dish soap, spray bottles, or any other supplements will make work a lot easier. You can get the materials in sizes that will actually help you, after estimating your infestation population.

It’s now time to unleash the alchemist in you. You can fill your bucket with warm water first. Remember if it scorches your skin, that’s hot water and you should wait for it to cool down a little. Now add a few drops of soap gradually increasing if you see the need. Using a stick, spoon, or long contraption you see fit, stir the mixture until it becomes bubbly. You can now stare at your work of art in amazement because you did it. It is this simple to brew up the potion that will ensure that the pesky mole population is sizeable.

This is one way to make the concoction, but it is not the only way. People get a little creative to make sure that it becomes more effective. You could also try mixing three parts castor oil, and one part dawn soap in a container, and adding sizable amounts of the mixture to a gallon of warm water.  Stirring till it’s bubbly will always follow up. Adding on supplements that are known repellants of moles will make the solution more effective for other people. After finally making it, the only thing is to eliminate the moles.


how to get rid of ground moles with dawn soap

This will probably be the painstaking part. Not only will it be hard, but if not done properly amount to nothing. You have located a majority of the mole routes in your garden, and now it’s time to make sure they are eradicated. The easiest means of application would be just pouring the mixture into the mole tunnels. By using a bucket or funnel you make it easier to pour down your solution. Some people would use a watering can to spray the content on the mole infrastructure.

To get a little creative you could also play chemist and inject the content into mole tunnels. Using a syringe or a turkey buster, you can directly inject the solution into the tunnels. This method makes you precise. It is a targeted approach that can be compared to the special unit service that tracks down its target. If you have the time, you could try this approach to achieve precise results.

Sometimes we just don’t have time and need to be a little creative. The materials for this approach may not be readily available but may be worth it. Getting hose attachments designed to mix soap with water would probably save you the time you need. This, in fact, is a great method if you have very large areas. It can help you battle an extensive network of mole highways in the easiest possible way. With these tips up your sleeves, you will probably make this journey worth your while.

Persistence And Prevention

Moles are recognized as hardworking creatures. They will be persistent in rebuilding their infrastructure. It will have to take several applications of the concoction to actually get rid of them and win the war. By continuously applying the solution periodically you will eventually be successful in eradicating their population. Even after your win, it is important that you keep monitoring the situation and continue pouring the solution to prevent them from actually returning.

All this trouble would have been prevented if you took the measures to prevent them from actually happening. By making your property less hospitable to moles, you reduce the likelihood of them ever invading in the first place. You can achieve this by getting rid of their food source, landscaping, and keeping your property well-maintained. These are the key ingredients to keeping your life a little stress free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest way to get rid of moles in your yard?

An effective way of getting rid of moles is by using live traps. This is a humane way of trapping and catching them. By also using high-frequency emitters or vibrations, you can make moles feel less hospitable in your environment.

What soap removes moles?

No soap is specifically designed to get rid of moles. Dawn soap can be mixed with water to get rid of moles. This cannot be considered an effective method though, it is important to consult professionals to help you.

How does vinegar get rid of moles?

Vinegar has a strong odor that may be repulsive to moles. There are several types of vinegar and not all will prove effective against fighting moles. It is also not a reliable and proven way to actually get rid of them.

How do you poison moles?

Talpirid can be used to eliminate moles in under 24 hours. Poison is not a recommended method though as it is considered inhumane. It is dangerous to the food chain and may accidentally be consumed by children or pets.

Does garlic stop moles?

Garlic has a strong odor that could potentially make moles think twice about making a home out of your yard. There is no evidence though that it is an effective and reliable solution for controlling moles.

What is a natural enemy to moles?

Moles have natural enemies with common predators like owls, hawks, and snakes. These are animals that see moles as a delicacy. Shrew also feed on larvae that moles love and may help in controlling their population in some areas.

What smells keep moles away?

There are several smells that moles sensitive noses just can’t handle. The list includes but is not limited to: garlic, castor oil, daffodils, alliums, marigolds, and fritillaries. However, the effectiveness and reliability of using this material have no real scientific proof to back it up.


Hopefully, our guide on how to get rid of ground moles with dawn soap has been helpful. As much as dawn soap may not be the best method to go about your mole eradication, it is a trick up your sleeve that may just work if you are looking for a small number of moles. You probably now appreciate the power of your soap more than before. The next time you are faced with a mole invasion, don’t panic. Just give them a nice bath, and it will wash them off your property. If you even decide to research further, you may even find that soap is the last ingredient to actually make you president. Through all this, remember to keep your persistence in the process. It is also important to understand that if you actually take the necessary steps to prevent it, you will be better off than fighting in a war with mother nature.

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