killing groundhogs with bubble gum the easy way.

Killing Groundhogs With Bubble Gum

Thinking of killing groundhogs with bubble gum? Well, let us delve into how you can do that effectively. Groundhogs are probably the animals with the coolest nickname. This fascinating creature can also be referred to as “woodchuck”, which is believed to be derived from the Algonquian word “wuchak”. Amazing as they are, they can be a nuisance sometimes because of their burrowing behavior. People have devised several ways to fight this destructive nature that include trapping, and repellents among others. At times, these creatures become so problematic that professional help is needed to control them.

The most intriguing method of all is probably bubble gum to kill groundhogs. As unbelievable as it sounds, it’s a means that has gained traction in recent years. It is a unique method whose origin can’t really be explained. Reports have it that it is a highly effective method that will have groundhogs dying in a matter of days. The bubble gum method sure is a technique anyone battling groundhog infestations will want to add to their repertoire. Are you ready to go about killing groundhogs with bubble gum? Buckle up, and let’s delve into this enchanting option.

Killing Groundhogs With Bubble Gum – How It Works

Woodchucks just like any other gum chewer are enticed by the sweet scent that emanates from the products. Unlike gum chewers though, our unsuspecting groundhogs mistake it for food. It is obvious that gum is designed to be chewed and not swallowed. Groundhogs are thought to associate the sweet scent of gum with that of plants they enjoy munching such as clover and alfalfa. Thinking they won the lottery, they end up consuming ingredients that will eventually lead to their demise.

When groundhogs munch that bubble gum, it can lead to an obstruction of the digestive system. Unlike us, these wild animals won’t have access to a veterinarian to reverse the impact of the distraction. Blockages can prevent food and other nutrients from passing through leading to digestive issues. If they survive this fate, they can also be intoxicated by the ingredients. Artificial sweetness among other substances used in gum can cause a range of health problems. The sticky texture can also make it difficult to swallow, eventually leading to the death of the animal. As you can see, bubble gum can have devastating effects on the groundhog. Killing groundhogs with bubble gum is therefore an option that is both easy to execute and equally effective.

Tips Of Killing Groundhogs With Bubble Gum

If you are fed up with those never-ending burrows in your yard and want to get rid of them with gum, then here is how to go about it. It is important that you first identify the burrows the groundhogs have made, and where their entrances are. Without locating it, you will be incapable of using the gum effectively. Once you have identified the potential targets, cut up the bubble gum into small pieces and mash it up making it easier for the woodchucks to consume.

If you have a large property, this may end up being painstaking work but worth it. Now you will have to place the gum in the areas where you noticed the groundhogs are highly active. Placing them in the burrow entrances will most likely grab their attention more easily. After this, you have to keep monitoring to see the effectiveness of the method. Checking to see if the gum is still around will help you make sure that they are actually consuming them. It is also essential that you avoid placing too much gum. If you are successful, preventing future infestation by cutting off their sources of food and sealing potential entry points will help you in eliminating them for good.

Advantages Of Killing Grounhogs With Bubble Gum

Advantages Of Killing Grounhogs With Bubble Gum

“With all the other methods out there, why would one want to go for the bubble gum method?” This confectionery we can’t get enough is cost-effective. Compared to hiring a professional or getting a dedicated trap, you won’t have to tear down the leather in your wallet to afford it. Its inexpensive nature makes it a readily available method of controlling groundhogs.

Other methods may involve having to follow a complicated guide or even getting a professional who knows to handle it. If not followed accurately, they may turn out to be useless. The bubble gum method is an easily doable solution that does not require you to even jot down notes. It is as simple as cutting, crushing, and placing. This makes it an uncomplicated solution to dealing with the nuisance that has been bothering you.

Bubble gum can also be the versatile solution you have been looking for. It can also deal damage to other pests such as chipmunks. You will end up catching two birds with one stone, which is a feat worth celebrating. It can even be a long-term solution, surviving groundhogs will have PTSD walking on your property. They will associate the smell of eating gum with the horrible experience they endured.


Sure, using bubble gums to kill groundhogs has become a topic of interest recently. It may end up being ineffective though. Woodchucks may end up being resilient to the effects after ingestion or may not even eat them at all. They might not even consume the right amount to actually end up causing them harm.

The one thing about bubble gum we know is most of us love it. We might think we are trapping groundhogs but only end up attracting our pets, other animals, and children. This is a safety concern we have to consider before dispersing chunks of gum. The time and effort that will be used to make the process a success is dependent on your land. With a large property, the process will only end up painstaking and ineffective.

As much as it is a method you consider, it is not an ethical means to control woodchucks. Using bubble gum to harm and kill groundhogs can be considered unethical. Getting live traps to catch groundhogs alive is probably a good means of getting rid of them. There may be legal restrictions, so it is important that you make sure you are allowed to do this. Using this method may also be unfriendly to the ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take bubble gum to kill a groundhog?

Killing groundhogs with bubble gum can take more or less than 5 days in many cases. This depends on how much gum they consumed. It may end up even being ineffective. It is not a humane method to deal with groundhogs and you should consider other methods.

What can I use to poison a groundhog?

One of the most common ways of poisoning groundhogs is by the use of fumigation. Using pesticides in areas where groundhogs show more activity will prove more effective. Chemicals such as methyl bromide can be used for fumigation.

How do I get rid of groundhogs permanently?

Groundhogs are repulsed by certain smells such as those from plants like daffodils, alliums, and fritillaries. Planting them to encircle our property will discourage groundhogs from setting residence.

What is a home remedy to get rid of groundhogs?

Using items with strong scents such as peppermint oil, garlic, and castor oil will repel groundhogs. Groundhogs have sensitive noses and will be repulsed by the smell of these products among others.

What is the best natural way to get rid of groundhogs?

The most natural way to get rid of groundhogs is by placing live traps to catch them. Eventually relocating them further will prevent them from ruining your property. It is important to find them a suitable habitat to prevent them from causing more damage.

Will vinegar keep groundhogs away?

Vinegar is a strongly scented liquid. It may not be very effective and will probably have to be mixed with other substances. There are many variations of vinegar and not all of them can be effective in catching groundhogs away.

Will salt deter groundhogs?

Salt can be successful in chasing other animals but not groundhogs. As herbivores, groundhogs do not consume salt so it is unlikely to have any significance on their behavior. To deter groundhogs, use safe and humane methods such as planting deterrent plants.


Using bubble gum to get rid of groundhogs may be an interesting means but lacks practicality and may not even be effective. It can be a fun experiment to try out, however, if not monitored may also end up trapping our pets and children unintentionally. Being cheap, easy to use, and readily available logically make it the go-to method. However, its impact on the ecosystem may be devastating and hence more consideration should be put in before attempting. It is important to weigh the quirks against the drawbacks before choosing this as our go-to solution.

It sure is a creative way to come up with an immediate solution. It is important to get professional help to eventually ensure that groundhogs don’t infest your property. Killing groundhogs with bubble gum is however not the ultimate eradication method. There are other far more potent methods of controlling methods like fencing, repellants, traps, and landscaping. Choosing the right method will count on your situation and needs. Your go-to method should be effective, safe, humane, and importantly, environmentally friendly.

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